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Water, Lemon Juice, Allulose, Ginger Juice, Ground Cayenne Pepper


Kickstart your morning with a Simple Cleanse juice to help detoxify with a boost of lemon, ginger and cayenne. Our zesty blend includes ginger, cayenne, and Vitamin C antioxidants, which several studies have shown supports the body’s natural inflammatory response and the antioxidant process. Our Simple Cleanse may even help with weight loss when combined with a sensible diet and exercise.


  • Antioxidant Power - Get a concentrated shot of antioxidant support with 25% of your daily vitamin C in one bottle.
  • Anti-inflammatory Benefits - Multiple studies have shown that ginger, cayenne and vitamin C ingredients may have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Allulose Support – Allulose is a nearly calorie-free, naturally occurring sugar in fruit that doesn’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels.


Simple Cleanse

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