It's the kid's version!


So you know those yummy things that you eat to make your heart and soul happy? Yeah, they're cookies. And you have cookies because of farmers; here's the litany of reasons:

flour from wheat, eggs from chickens, butter from cows, sugar from sugarcane, chocolate chips from cocoa trees, vanilla from a vanilla bean harevsted from an orchid get it right? All of these ingredients, I've listed, for scrumdiddlyumptious cookies, come from farmers, so thank those awesome folks for providing uberly unctious feed.


  Product width (A) (in) Product length (B) (in)
XS 16 20.5
S 17 22
M 18 23.5
L 19 25
XL 20 26.5


*thanks to witty Kay Stone for this saying

Kids-Thank a Farmer...for Cookies