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I'm a farmer, a female farmer, not a dude farmer. I farm with my dad full-time. My mom (award-winning quilter), she helps with the small business operation, handmakes some of the items. We are all a very sarcastic, dry-humored bunch.

The clothing is pretty straight-forward, no-frills, simply simple...the way I like things. The goal of this clothing line is to have a high quality product, for less. I work in everything that is for sale on here, I won't sell something that I wouldn't wear/work in. Hardworking people deserve to be comfy, affordably.

This all started because of farmers on twitter-my farming account (@thewittyfarmer). I made a "GMO SURVIVOR" shirt, and people wanted it. Here it is, the site to buy this witty wearable, as well as other witty "stuff." All garments are printed, not set with heat, meaning the ink lasts longer through wear & tear, washing, and drying. 

I now have my own clothing line, and have more products "made in the USA." Portion of sales are donated to my local American Legion, post #442. Feb 13, 2021, I was able to donate $500 to the group; I hope that number continues to grow for them.

The Farm


We grow GMO and non-GMO corn & soybeans. I also raise black angus cattle. I feed them old donuts, old bread, bananas, etc. That's their treat, not their daily intake. I also started growing sweet corn, pumpkins, and live plants for sale, locally, in the spring.


I have a pretty broad background of stuff: graduated with honors with a B.S. degree in biology, published in a couple scientific journals, modeled, acted-still do (member of SAG-AFTRA), wrote my own book, "Snickering Out Loud,"& a substitute spinning instructor. In addition, to all of those titles, I am a wife (to Mark Schmidgall-huz) and mother of a little girl, Hunter Olivia.


Thank you for visiting.

-Jenny Sauer-Schmidgall

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