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Super cozy, AND warm-makes it even more enjoyable to wear while holding any valuables in the hidden, zippered pocket. The pocket can be used for your phone, keys, passport, airport travel, or any other valuables you wish.

These are ALL handmade by the award-winning quilter, Theresa Sauer. Her quilts are the ones for sale on the Etsy store.

Product details:

-9” wide x 36” circumference/long

-Shannon Luxe Cuddle “Red Fox” minky fabric (luxuriously soft fabric, faux fur-like, but softer)

-Pocket is the width of the scarf, approximately 9” long

-Jersey knit zippered pocket *zipper color and inside pocket may vary from photo.

We do NOT waste ANY fabric, so leftover pieces of jersey knit, are what will become a pocket. Since that is how we create these one-of-a-kind scarves, we guarantee that they will be “happy” and match with the fabric.

Fox Minky Infinity Scarf w/ Zippered Pocket, 1 Loop

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