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gui NetM: NetM: you can use google chrome instead of chromium baizon, I had a problem with chromium before.. I had to run it as root.. although I have no idea why Hello, is there any way to list all the installed drivers? My hardware and software were working perfectly before. I just updated from 16.04 to 16.10. when I boot I get a screen that says "waiting for network configuration". I can't do anything until the "waiting for network configuration" is done. how do I fix this? How can i repair my damaged flash disk? sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdc bs=2048 count=1 ... i have the last step.. how to check the result? are you trying to dd it? is there any software or some command that i can use to recover my data from damaged flash disk? devslash, yes I think cdrkit can be used to recover i've tried the problems are that this disk is not empty and it's full so i can't simply dd if=/dev/sdc bs=2048 count=1 because this is a full disk you could copy just the start of the disk then you can dd the whole disk to /dev/null after that devslash, the problem is that this partition is damaged and i can't copy /dev/urandom to it i can't read the partiton or can't mount it even with a live CD what kind





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Eyebeam Free Download With Licence Key Generator

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