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Productive bouquet filler or accent flower. Dark rose,
arrow-shaped plumes. 2–3" textural flower spikes on full,
branching plants can stand alone in a bouquet, be used as
filler, or make a grand statement in the flower garden.
Excellent vase life. Also known as wheat celosia, and red fox.
-Full Sun
-Height 24–26"
-EXCELLENT flower for bouquets in vase
-Plant spacing 6-12"
-Vase life 7-14 days
-Harvest: Celosia is exceptional as a cut flower and can be
used both fresh and dried. Fresh - Harvest when the flowers
are fully developed, and stems are firm at the base of the
bloom. Dried - Harvest at the same stage of growth as you
would for fresh flowers. Remove all the foliage and hang in a
dark, well-ventilated location to dry.


Ruby Parfait Celosia

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