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These gorgeous, large, deep purple-red Sprouts grow on
3'-tall, purple-leaved plants that look wonderful in
ornamental gardens as well as the veggie garden. The
sprouts are nutty and flavorful, milder-tasting than green
sprouts. Fall frosts deepen their color, and they keep
that color when cooked!

-Plant 18" apart
-Sun/Part ShadeHarvesting Sprouts
-Height 3'

-To HARVEST: If you want your Brussels Sprouts to mature
quickly and uniformly, nip off the top at the time the lowest
ones on the stem are nearly harvest size. Bear in mind h
owever that this will remove the protective leaves at the top
of the stem. These would normally droop down over the
sprouts, protecting them from frost. So, if you want a long, l
ate harvest, leave the top alone. You’ll be able to pick the
sprouts all during the fall and early winter. If very cold
weather threatens, cut the entire stalk, bring indoors and
store it in the fridge. It will keep for weeks that way!

Red Bull Brussel Sprout

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