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We have the fabric in stock, but have many scarves to be made. Order yours now, in order to be added onto the list of having your team-themed flannel infinity scarf made!First of all, infinity scarves are awesome because they don’t slide off of you...hard to lose, and secondly, an infinity scarf WITH a zippered pocket?! Gasp! That’s super duper! You’re in luck because these are “super duper infinity scarves,” not your run-of-the-mill regular infinity scarf. ALL scarves have a hidden, zippered pocket. Great for travel to place your i.d., passport, airline ticket, credit card, & cash-all in one spot.It's handmade, by my mother, award-winning quilter, Theresa Sauer. This isn't from a factory, it's from my mother's sewing machine.PRODUCT INFO:Flannel is made from high-quality fabrics. They are soft, while keeping you warm and looking spiffy...not feeling like you’re wearing a metal brush.The Deets:--Pocket is the width of the scarf, approximately 9-10”long-8” wide x 60”circumference-Zipper color, and inside pocket, may vary from photo. We do NOT waste ANY fabric, so leftover pieces of jersey knit, are what will become a pocket. Since that is how we create these one-of-a-kind scarves, we guarantee that they will be "happy" and match with the fabric.Theresa's quilts are the ones for sale on the Etsy store (on main menu tab).

LA Dodgers Flannel Infinity Scarf w/ Zippered Pocket

$32.00 Regular Price
$25.60Sale Price
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