Big Double Blooms are Frilled, Quilled, and Twisted! No two blooms are just alike on this incredible just-for-fun Shasta Daisy! The 2 1/2-inch blooms are fully double -- in fact, they're so crammed with petals you might be tempted to call them triple! -- and boast solid white petals around a small, buttery center. Beyond that, every bloom is distinct. The petals take just about every form you can imagine, from quilled to frilled to twisted to flat! On a plant in full bloom, this creates an unbelievably lush, chaotic effect!The plant reaches 24 to 28 inches tall, making it a great size for beds, borders, or even containers. A hardy perennial, it is long-lived and very vigorous, blooming in great abundance all summer long. The flowers are triggered by warm weather, so once the heat begins, so do the daisies! And they won't stop until the first cold snap! Start seeds indoors or sow direct anytime between early spring and up to 2 months before first frost. They do best in full sun and are not too fussy about soil type.

Crazy Daisy Shasta Daisy

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