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A popular component of the health food game, Chia seeds are
consumed raw, made into flour, soaked in juices and teas, and
added to smoothies. An excellent source of protein and Omega
3s (and simply delightful when grown as a pet) there's not many
who can't appreciate some aspect of this versatile seed!
-Height 3' (May need support if exposed to windy areas.)
-Plant spoacing 12"
_Produces attractive, edible flowers
-Harvest: As Chia blossoms fade, check the spikes for seeds before removing, as
Chia seeds are attractive to pollinators, like bees, birds and butterflies.
Take a brown paper bag with you into the garden, and clip dead flower
spikes, which you can collect into the bag - the flower heads will hold t
he seeds as well.


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