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Redventure organic celery is CERTIFIED ORGANIC!
Beautiful, crunchy stalks that are full of celery flavour, but red in
color, fading to an almost golden pink. The contrast with the
dark green leaves make this variety a stunner! Redventure is a
product of organic cross-breeding by Frank Morton, in Oregon.
The leaves of this celery have a very nice, strongly savoury
aroma, and add a wonderful rich undertone to vegetable soups.
The stems are narrow and crunchy, with distinctive fibres -
perfect for adding a crisp texture to dishes like potato salad.

-Height 24"
-Plant spacing 12"
-Harvest: For best flavour and longer storage, water plants the day
before harvest. Stalks on the outside of the plant can be harvested at
any time. The entire plant may be harvested once the desired size is
reached, but the home gardener should leave the plant in the garden
and take only what is needed, leaving the root intact.
-Celery is a good partner for beans, the Brassicas, cucumber, garlic,
leek, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes.


Celery Redventure

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