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First of all, infinity scarves are awesome because they don’t slide off of you...hard to lose, and secondly, an infinity scarf WITH a zippered pocket?! Gasp! That’s super duper! You’re in luck because these are “super duper infinity scarves,” not your run-of-the-mill regular infinity scarf. ALL scarves have a hidden, zippered pocket. Send me a message for a request of a team, & I’ll find the fabric to make you one! Great for travel to place your i.d., passport, airline ticket, credit card, & cash-all in one spot.It's handmade, by my mother, award-winning quilter, Theresa Sauer. This isn't from a factory, it's from my mother's sewing machine.PRODUCT INFO:Plaid flannel is made from high-quality fabrics. They are soft, while keeping you warm and looking spiffy...not feeling like you’re wearing a metal brush.The Deets:--Pocket is the width of the scarf, approximately 9-10”long-8” wide x 60”circumference-Zipper color-red, and inside pocket-plain, jersey grey (photo coming soon). We do NOT waste ANY fabric, so leftover pieces of jersey knit, are what will become a pocket.

Cardinals Flannel Infinity Scarf w/ Hidden Zippered Pocket

$32.00 Regular Price
$25.60Sale Price
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