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Need to hold your hunting license, extra bullets, tags, or just really love camoflauge? Well, these are for you. Male or female, doesn't matter, you can hold whatever the heck you want in the secure, zippered pocket...all the while keeping warm AND soft against your skin.

*more camo versions arriving soon, made-to-order

Camo Hunting Gaiter WITH Pocket

  • First of all, gaiters/infinity scarves are awesome because they don’t slide off of you...hard to lose, and secondly, an infinity scarf WITH a zippered pocket?! Gasp! That’s super duper! You’re in luck because these are “super duper infinity scarves,” not your run-of-the-mill regular infinity scarf. ALL scarves have a hidden, zippered pocket. Made from jersey knit fabric, a.k.a. like a soft t-shirt.


    It's handmade, by my mother, award-winning quilter, Theresa Sauer. This isn't from a factory, it's from my mother's sewing machine. We currently have a waitlist and are cranking out these bad boys.

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