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This dragon looks like it might really snap.
A wonderful heirloom reselected for modern
vigor and bloom power, 'Black Prince'
Snapdragon is a glorious snapdragon with
blooms of darkest crimson and bronzy foliage that
complements the fresh greens of
the spring or fall garden beautifully. The blooms
arise on long, dense stalks, faintly redolent of
cinnamon and so showy. A great size for the bed,
border, or even edging. If you have never
"snapped" a snapdragon, here is how to do it:
You'll notice that the blooms form two separate
cupped clusters that meet in the middle, like jaws.
Gently squeeze the sides of the jaws, and the two
clusters will separate, just like a mouth
opening. The space is just the right size for a
child's finger to poke into the dragon's mouth.
Release the bloom and the jaws "snap" closed.

-Full Sun/Partial Shade
-Height up tp 18" by 12" wide
-Plant Spacing 12"

Black Prince Snapdragon

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