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Looking to attract pollinators such as honeybees into your garden? Our exclusive Bee Buddies Wildflower Mix is a wonderful way to keep the "good bugs" flying in for a sip of this and a nibble of that.


Find a sunny spot, run a garden fork through the soil to loosen it, and broadcast this seed freely. Then water, and your work is done. The mix contains 20 varieties of annuals and perennials, all native to this country and very easy to grow (pictured). Each is a valuable source of nectar or pollen for bees and their friends. And they look terrific in your garden, along the driveway, in a meadow, or even in a vacant lot.


Especially if your home is in an urban or suburban neighborhood, native plants may be in short supply. Pollinators will not stay where good sources of food aren't readily available. So restore the natural beauty and usefulness of the garden by adding Bee Buddies Wildflower Mix to your sunny soil this season.

Bee Buddies Wildflower Mix

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